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MadWolf Technologies Team, Spy Museum, Washington, DC :: May 2016.

The entire team took the metro just a few spot’s away from our office to the Spy Museum in May 2016.

Three teams went on a scavenger hunt throughout the museum. No loser’s just winners.  The experience portrayed great team building for the entire MadWolf Pack.

Thank You For Attending Our 4th Lunch & Learn Event On April 28th 2016 :: ROADMAP TO THE CLOUD - (Shootout Round Two) AWS vs AZURE, Platforms in the Cloud

Thanks to all who attended our 4th Lunch & Learn event, at our 4th  event on April 28th 2016. We talked about how to compare and contrast the public cloud platform offerings of Microsoft’s Azure with Amazon’s Web Services.

We also talked about how to position and leverage public cloud infrastructure within your organization.

- QB
- VoIP
- LinkedIn
- SalesForce

To learn more, please click to the following presentation link from our past Lunch & Learn event on April 28th 2016.

Lunch & Learn Presentation

Thank You For Attending Our 3rd Lunch & Learn Event On April 14th 2016 :: ROADMAP TO THE CLOUD - Security/Authentication in the Cloud

Thanks to all who attended our 3rd Lunch & Learn event, at our 3rd  event On April 14th 2016 we talked about:

1. How to prepare yourself for the road ahead.  The trends impacting business today—cloud adoption, increased mobility, rise of social media and the increased amount of online data sharing—make the need for strong authentication more important than ever. 

2. How to control access to Web applications and mobile devices: Enable user engagement from laptops, tablets and smartphones and allow users to access necessary data anytime from anywhere. 

3. How to keep pace with sophisticated data threats: Enable controlled user engagement from laptops, tablets & smartphones to data anytime from anywhere. 

4. How to Comply with industry regulations Centrally manage and control your full range of use cases, access scenarios and numerous privileges.

Security/Authentication in the Cloud 

- Azure AD 
- Two-Factor authentication in O365 
- Protecting Hybrid environments 
- Enforcing Compliance

To learn more, please click to the following presentation links from our past Lunch & Learn event on April 14th 2016.

Lunch & Learn April 14th 2016 Presentation

Barracuda Presentation
Cryptzone Presentation

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Thank You For Attending Our 2nd Lunch & Learn event On March 24th 2016 :: ROADMAP TO THE CLOUD - File Services in the Cloud

Thanks to all who attended our 2nd Lunch & Learn event on March 24th 2016, at our 2nd  event We talked about:

File Services in the Cloud It's not uncommon that users view, share, and store corporate data from many different access points, whether on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, presenting a challenge for companies to ensure that all of this data is protected. We will show you how to solve the common business challenge of enabling access to corporate files from any device, while protecting data stored on those devices in the event of a failure or loss. 

-Differentiating between offerings and where you get them

Lunch & Learn March 24th 2016 Presentation

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Thank You For Attending Our 1st Lunch & Learn event On March 3rd 2016 :: ROADMAP TO THE CLOUD - Overview, Offerings And Easy Ascents

Thank you to all who attended our 1st Lunch & Learn event on March 3rd 2016, at our 1st  event We talked about:

• Overview, Offerings and Easy Ascents
Every business large and small, should start with a roadmap. 
What a roadmap will do is ensure that each cloud decision the company makes to solve today’s needs will continue to pay off in the future. 
We will show you the steps toward building a cloud roadmap and why it’s so important for each business to develop its own cloud strategy, and what are the advantages and benefits for the entire business.

• Backup and Email  - Barracuda
Our Backup is a complete cloud-integrated solution for protecting physical and virtual environments that includes software, appliance, and offsite replication. No integration of, or debug struggles with, multiple vendor backup technologies.
Because today companies need an easy-to-manage and comprehensive email security solution. In addition to keeping email-borne attacks outside the network, we will also show features on Data Loss Prevention, Virus and Spam Protection as well as Backup cost-effective data protection solution for protecting physical, virtual, and SaaS environments. Simple to deploy and easy to manage.

• Archiving Data Options
Enjoy the ownership and control over all of your import communication, documents and other unstructured data. Safely archive your emails and files, making it easy to comply with email retention policies and easy to find information no matter where it resides.

Lunch & Learn March 3rd 2016 Presentation

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We would like to thank all who visited our booth at the InsideNGO 2015 show in Washington, D.C. 
It was a pleasure to meet you personally, giving us the great opportunity to share and exchange our thoughts, our company services and experiences with you all.

Congratulations to Josephine Jonah-Williams, winner of a Kindle Paperwhite.

Josephine Jonah-Williams
Regional Finance Director
Catholic Relief Services
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

MadWolf Technologies Staff Fencing Event!


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Diagnosing and building better SharePoint 2013 apps in VS 2013

When you are building a SharePoint 2013 app, it is not just able building a pretty and functional app.
Now your apps also need still need to performance on Mobile devices slower internet contentions, limited power constraints and on multiple browsers. With two VS 2013 features, Performance and Diagnostic Hub.

you can solve the problems.

With both you can debug your SharePoint app in different browsers at the same time and get analysis on client JavaScript Memory, CPU Usage and memory usage to investigate speed, efficiency and memory leaks. And even simulate Energy Consumption on different Mobile devices your App is consuming. Together they are a great combined tool set in VS 2013 for improving you SharePoint 2013 apps.

SharePoint Hybrid Is Growing

The hybrid SharePoint farms are growing with businesses and way Microsoft is architecting and developing is going in that direction for now and to the 2016 release. They are developing using the agile methodology to the online version. So all of the new development for their new products being released to their on-line environment first. And by 2016 release they will package as much of that development to their on premise product. But features like power Bi will only be available to SharePoint online. They are also architecting SharePoint online to be able to connect to more and more on-promise data sources. 

Some companies have requirements for a simple intranet that can be completely hosted in the cloud, but have requirements to keep their AD on promises, so Dir sync is used to sync the users data to the cloud. Using a hybrid approach is a good way to go reduce costs and Administration time using SharePoint online and still be able to consume on premise elements to create the best system for your enterprise.

Some Hybrid environment examples
  1. Running out of the box intranet with simple team site and document collaboration.  With around 100 to 1000 users on as a SharePoint online company intranet. With an on promise Active directory and use DirSync to sync all user profile and AD data to the cloud. 
  2. Accounting and fiancé user utilize a Power BI on a SharePoint online site that Connects to a SQl server back end using Power BI Analysis Services Connector.

‘Aim Small and Miss Small’

‘Aim Small and Miss Small’
Darren Harrison
Business Analyst

The Washington. D.C. region held its SharePoint Saturday on October 25 at Microsoft’s Reston campus and MadWolf Technologies were well represented with four members of staff sitting through a day full of training seminars and discussions on the capabilities and possibilities provided by SharePoint.

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