I am always looking for the winning technology product that is simple to state, easy to comprehend and beyond all that, really necessary.  With the latest offering from EVault/i365 comes their End Point Protection product that encapsulates all three fundamentals.  What we have here is a product that will remotely backup laptops and controls access – data solutions which you would expect from a company that has been building state-of-the-art disk based backup and remote data storage systems for years.   But then comes the sizzle:  The laptops can be remotely wiped clean of data – whether or not connected to the internet!

And this is no ordinary clean wipe; this data elimination meets the DoD disk deletion standard.  The product also adheres to a bunch of other compliance standards as well.

But that is not all:  Because the data has been back up to a vault, you can recover your information as well.

The potential uses for this system just keep going.  It could be used to recover data that is accidently deleted or corrupted.  It could be used if a laptop is damaged while traveling, lost, or stolen.  It can also be used to limit employees - or former employees – to data access.  I know that I have had salesmen who have left the company and I sure want to make sure they have not taken valuable information with them.  They system also controls access, so that we can configure it not to write to USB or other media, thus keeping the data on the laptop and under management control.

For the most part, we are concerned about laptops stolen with the potential for the exploitation of data.  The number of laptops lost in airports alone is staggering.  I was originally told 12,000 laptops a month are stolen.  I wanted to know if this number was real or just made up by marketing.  After researching it, the number is actually 12,000 laptops a week are stolen, and this claim is supported by a report sponsored by Dell and conducted by the Ponemon Institute.

We are delighted to be an EVault/i365 premier partner and to showcase  the i365 End Point Protection solution.

Doug Wolfire