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MadWolf Cloud Commander

Cloud Commander The Cloud Commander (CC) is envisioned to assist in Planning and Migration of business systems to Cloud environments, and then as a life-cycle system continuing to Monitor and Manage Cloud applications and performance by providing Quality of Service (QoS) operations across all commercial Cloud environments.  The reporting features of the QoS will allow clients to balance their usage requirements, and effectively report on application and provider SLA metrics, possibly allowing for cost recovery.  CC will essentially allow clients to know what they are paying for. The CC main service sets consist of the following aspects: • Planning for Cloud Migration:  Most organizations will move their operations to Cloud based infrastructure in stages, and as such the elements involved in Planning will remain with an organization until all services are rendered remotely.   Experience suggests that the first business application to move will be Email, but this may ...

Summer Lunch & Learn

May 26th Lunch & Learn will be on Office365. Call MadWolf Technologies at 202-293-5003 to RSVP.

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    I think it may have actually taken the five (Thanks - btw!). The rating is an average and it looks l

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    Woah nice support coming from Microsoft. Really handy incase of a Database corruption or worse data

    --Remote Data Centre

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    Hello!! MadWolf Technologies is happy you attend our Lunch and Learn Summer Series. We will have mor


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    Great food, Great People, I got my questions answered, I have already signed up for one the next ev

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