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Outlook and SharePoint

Any SharePoint list or library can be connected with Outlook. This can be done by going to the specific list and selecting “Connect to Outlook” option in the ribbon bar.

Click Allow and then click yes on the next Dialog box that appears. You should now be able to see the library listed on the left navigation bar on you Outlook.

Connecting a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook:

Go to the specific calendar and select the “Connect to Outlook” option. You should now be able to see the SharePoint Calendar like any shared Calendar on your Outlook. Synchronization is both ways, so you can add a new item to the SharePoint Calendar from within Outlook and the changes would be reflected in the SharePoint site.
You can also overlay multiple SharePoint calendars if you are involved with multiple SharePoint sites.

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Limitations of SharePoint 2010 on Mac

Though SharePoint 2010 is cross browser compatible, and renders fine on Firefox or Safari, there still are a few limitations.

  • Datasheet view requires ActiveX control that is not supported.
  • Explorer view requires Internet Explorer.
  • Edit in Microsoft Office Application requires a browser plug-in that is installed with Office for Mac 2011.
  • File upload and copy requires an ActiveX control that is not supported on this platform.
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010, Microsoft Visio 2010, Slide Library and PowerPoint 2010 integration requires ActiveX and hence are not supported.

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SharePoint 2010 versus MOSS 2007

MOSS 2007, as you know has its limitations, but Microsoft tried to improve them with SharePoint 2010, by not just fixing the issues, but rewriting it entirely taking into consideration all the complaints. Look and Feel: The 2010 UI includes the Ribbon tool. The navigation is simpler with the ribbon bar the modal popups. SharePoint is now cross browser compatible. SharePoint 2010 has a Rich Media Support with much better image and video libraries and web parts compared to MOSS 2007. SharePoint 2010 Metadata and Taxonomy management: Setting up metadata to enable better tagging of documents and files within lists and libraries is a lot easier. This yields in better search results and list filtering capabilities. Audience Targeting: This is one of the significant features of SharePoint 2010 that helps target users/groups to specific pages, web parts, documents etc. This essentially means that any content within SharePoint can be targeted to a very specific audience. My Sites: My Sites i ...

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