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06/30/2010 MadWolf Technologies to Provide IT Support for International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

June 30, 2010

Washington, D.C. – June 30, 2010
- MadWolf Technologies, a Managed Services Company, announced today that it was awarded a contract for comprehensive managed IT support by International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

MadWolf designed a custom IT support solution to maintain ICMA’s diverse infrastructure which is a hybrid of on-premises and cloud-based environments. MadWolf’s ability to design a support solution which would seamlessly span different infrastructure environments was key for being awarded the contract. MadWolf long maintained that the modern IT environments are rapidly evolving into a hybrid model which combines on-site, data center based, and cloud-based elements. This shifting paradigm presents unique support challenges for providing consistent and measurable support services which are both reactive and proactive. Managing a diverse set of applications distributed across these different environments and associated data flows remains the most important task for IT support staff. Having recognized this trend, MadWolf has invested into building out the support automation infrastructure which serves as a scalable front end to MadWolf Network Operations Center (NOC) and the firm’s custom IT monitoring and management toolset.   MadWolf extended its support automation infrastructure to connect with ICMA’s own support management tools to combine both organizations’ support team into one seamlessly functioning unit.

“We are very excited to have ICMA as MadWolf’s new customer,” said Doug Wolfire, President of MadWolf Technologies. “ICMA further adds to MadWolf’s presence in downtown Washington, DC and reinforces MadWolf’s well deserved reputation as a premier provider of IT support services for businesses located in the nation’s capital”.

“We can see how many more organizations will be faced with support challenges similar to those of ICMA’s. ICMA clearly wanted their IT partner to “push the envelope”, and MadWolf rose to the challenge with elegance and confidence,” added Ken Hanscomb, MadWolf’s Technical Sales.

About MadWolf Technologies

Founded in 1996, MadWolf Technologies delivers enterprise-quality professional and managed services to small- and medium-sized businesses.  MadWolf’s vision is that all businesses will be migrating to partially or completely outsourced IT models and will web-enable their business processes for increased efficiency, improved transparency, and significant reduction in manual functions.  MadWolf’s main lines of business are managed services (managed support, infrastructure hosting, and outsourced business solutions), application development (web-enablement of business processes, SharePoint development, website design, development of web-enabled applications), and security and infrastructure consulting. MadWolf is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and IBM Business Partner. MadWolf’s staff has deep expertise in a number of areas, including object-driven design, graphical representation of data, and pervasive computing applications which require connecting diverse data streams generated by highly dissimilar technologies. Please learn more about MadWolf at

About International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

International City/County Management Association (ICMA) is the premier local government leadership and management organization. Its mission is to create excellence in local governance by advocating and developing the professional management of local government worldwide. Please learn more about ICMA at

For further information please contact:

Ken Hanscomb
Technical Sales
202.293.5003 x 125