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08/20/2009 Random House Digital Director Joins MadWolf Technologies

Washington, DC MadWolf Technologies, a Managed Services Company, announced today that it has now been joined by the Director of Digital Resources from Random House UK. Paul Herbert left Random House, the leading International Publishing giant, after 10 distinguished years managing their website development and other digital services. Paul has joined MadWolf as Senior Consultant and Producer.

Paul has been at the forefront of digital developments for many years, including high profile multimedia projects in the 80s and 90s for the BBC, Warner New Media and Philips Consumer Electronics. He was Executive Producer for the innovative FlagTower range of CD-ROMs and has developed digital projects for a number of key organizations, including the European Government, the UK National Health Service and Shell UK.  Paul helped develop the Mannesmann AG ipulsys platform to enable telecom customers to access account details and modify information online, which received “Best Online Customer Service Award” at Billing 2000. 

Prior to joining Random House, Paul had been Electronic Publisher for Reed Consumer Books where he built their first website and developed CD-ROM versions of key book titles. He has also worked for a number of other major book publishers in the UK.

Paul has spent most of his career in the UK and has worked across Europe. This is not, however, the first time he has been based in the US, as he joined Warner New Media in the mid 1980s (then known as The Record Group) to develop one of their landmark prototype CD-I projects.

“I have spent most of my career at the forefront of new technology and have always been particularly keen to explore the new opportunities this presented for businesses and consumers.” explained Paul. “At Random House I continued to find new formats for publications, moving from CD-ROMs to mobile telephony and Sat Nav systems, and I was keen to develop eBooks as a natural digital alternative to paper-based publications. This development finally established a digital format for the book publishing industry which meant that I felt it was now time to find new challenges. I have been following MadWolf’s work for a number of years and have been impressed by their innovative approach to providing IT-based business solutions. MadWolf’s clients are very special and present us with some interesting challenges to enable them to work more effectively and efficiently. I look forward to working with them and exploring the opportunities that are still being presented by the latest technologies.”