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01/02/2009 MadWolf Technologies Announces Expansion of Its Downtown Washington, D.C. Offices

Washington, D.C. MadWolf Technologies, a Managed Services Company, announced today that it has moved its headquarters to new larger offices in downtown Washington, D.C. MadWolf’s new office is located at 818 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006 at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and I Street, N.W., two blocks from The White House and three blocks from The World Bank.

“We certainly needed a much bigger space to accommodate our growing staff who is now serving a much larger group of clients, many of which are located in downtown Washington, D.C. We will also have an expanded demo facility which can accommodate larger groups of customers and showcase MadWolf’s application development and managed services work as well as the products and services of our enterprise partners,” said Doug Wolfire, President of MadWolf Technologies.

MadWolf’s customers are located throughout the U.S. MadWolf’s managed services and application development practices also support a number of overseas locations. The firm especially excels in providing mission-critical services to its customers located in downtown Washington, D.C. According to Steve Parker, MadWolf’s Vice President of Security and Infrastructure, “other companies just cannot compete with MadWolf’s ability to be on-site within minutes from the moment the customer logs in a service request. Our customers can enjoy an unprecedented level of service and access to MadWolf’s resources and staff that we can provide from such a central location