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Resources for the Future - SharePoint Syllabus Project

Public SharePoint 2010 Site With A Custom Syllabus Builder

Contributors: Bill Jones   Team Lead

Project Goal: MadWolf engineers, developers and designers update the SharePoint 2010 public site for RFF to include the ability to build a “syllabus” “on the fly”. 

Specifically this project will address these areas:

1.     The new web part will communicate with existing SharePoint lists to expose data for the interfaces.

2.     The web part will include the selection objects.

3.     The web part will allow multiple selections; no limits based upon subjects or publication types.

4.     A publication definition pop up window will also be derived from a SharePoint list.

5.     The web part will not save the selections for later usage.

6.     Once the user has made their selections, they will be combined into one printable, PDF or Word document “list”.