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How computers and cars are similar

A bunch of parts put together designed to do a certain task. Am I taking about cars or computers? Both actually. They are built to perform an intended purpose. Each have a set of requirements to function.

Some examples:

  • The motherboard is the Floorboard of the car. Holds everything together and everything mounts to it.
The Magnificent Flexi Task

We all know and love the Flexi task.  It is one of the most popular workflow actions for good reason.  In this blog post, I will cover how reminders work, to ensure that you, as a workflow creator, are taking advantage of the options available. 

Metadata Driven Processes for Box

Metadata is extremely important to just about everything we do in SharePoint.  From data classification, analysis and collaboration to process automation, metadata is essential.

Quick refresher on what metadata is: Data that provides information about other data.

User Profiles in Office 365 Simplified

As Nintex workflow creators, we are always looking for easier ways to perform everyday tasks. In this post, I will share what Nintex has provided to simply the implementation of user profile properties in Nintex forms.

What’s New: Connection Manager for SharePoint Online

A highly desired feature that has been available to on-premises users that allows them to store credentials for connector actions is now available for Office 365 customers.  Connection Manager for Nintex Workflow of Office 365 is now generally available.


The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) decision has been a hot topic in the news recently.  The other hot topic has been Germany’s new law against hate speech, known as NetzDG.  These laws will not only have an impact on EU based businesses, but any company that does business there.

Understanding Your Data in Nintex Hawkeye

Understanding Your Data in Nintex Hawkeye
In my last blog post, I discussed scheduling workflows in the cloud. In this post I want to discuss what is stored in Nintex’ cloud infrastructure.  This is particularly important for companies who are using Nintex Hawkeye, the workflow analytic platform. 

New Office 365 Workflow New Feature: Conditional Start

New Office 365 Workflow New Feature: Conditional Start

Conditional start is an exciting new feature recently introduced for Nintex Workflow for Office 365 that gives designers now have more control over how workflows are triggered. Normally, a workflow is kicked off when an item is created or modified. This new feature lets you set a condition or expression that must be true for the workflow to start.

Office 365 Workflow New Feature

Office 365 Workflow New Feature

An exciting new feature for Nintex Workflow for Office 365 is the enhanced capabilities in viewing your workflows. You can now zoom in to specific areas, or zoom out for an overall view of your workflow.

Did you know: Scheduling Workflows In The Cloud

Did you know that Scheduled Workflows are now available on the entire Nintex Platform? This capability originally started out in Nintex Workflow for SharePoint on premises. The capability recently was introduced to the cloud in Nintex Workflow Cloud and now it is available in Nintex Workflow for Office 365.

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