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MadWolf Technologies Team at iFly Ashburn, Virginia

Some of our MadWolf Team Members said that this was absolutely one of their favorite things that they have ever done.

Nintex & Beezy: Intelligent Automation

Last year Nintex and Beezy announced that they have formed a technology partnership.  With Nintex + Beezy working together, they can now provide companies the best of Intelligent Process Automation + Digital Workplace in one package.  The Intelligent Workplace.

Intelligent Process Automation

In this current era of rapid rise of available tech, there are obstacles that have always existed that businesses must still overcome. Things like regulation changes that require a rethink of procedures, fluctuation in the global economy for example.

Actionable Messages

Did you know that by using two common Nintex actions, you can create something really useful?  Well, I am going to demonstrate how to create Actionable Messages from two common Nintex features; a task action and lazy approval.

Getting More Out of Conditional Logic in Nintex workflow for Office 365

I want to highlight a way to get even more value from the recently released conditional start feature in Nintex Workflow for office 365.

Normally, workflow is triggered when an item is created or modified.  With conditional start, Nintex has provided the ability to set a condition or expression that also must be true.

When using conditional start, a workflow designer may be wondering how to handle a situation where the value of a field item changes from A to B.

RISE UP CITIZEN DEVELOPER  ::  FREE Lunch & Learn Event  :: May 22nd, 2018

Are You The Next Citizen Developer?

The Process Automation Consulting Division of MadWolf Technologies, is pleased to invite you and your colleagues to our, FREE Lunch & Learn session: RISE UP CITIZEN DEVELOPER.

Anyone can now become a Citizen Developer! No programming degree required! That’s right, with todays no-code or low-code tools, anyone in your organization can take on the task of automating business processes. Come and discuss how you and your team can take on this exciting challenge. Come and see the tools that make this a reality.

And, leave with a full 30-day free trial of the tools to create your own automated business processes!

Translate a Document With Nintex Workflow

Any organization that does business globally, there is always a substantial amount of translation work to get done.  Usually, there are not enough people or time to get it all done.  This is where Nintex can come to the rescue with a really useful Nintex Workflow action called Translate Document.

Nintex Workflow Cloud Feature Overview

When I mention Nintex Workflow Cloud to fellow SharePoint users, they are always interested and want to know more about what it is all about and what you can do with it.  In this blog post, I am going to highlight some of the key features of Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Feature Highlight: Beacons

Mention the word “Beacon” to many workflow developers and they may stare back with a blank look. 

A Beacon is an action control in Nintex Workflow that can be placed anywhere in the workflow to capture specific data.  With this action, you can produce additional data from a workflow for a Process Intelligence Lens report in Nintex Hawkeye.

How computers and cars are similar

A bunch of parts put together designed to do a certain task. Am I taking about cars or computers? Both actually. They are built to perform an intended purpose. Each have a set of requirements to function.

Some examples:

  • The motherboard is the Floorboard of the car. Holds everything together and everything mounts to it.
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