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Understanding Your Data in Nintex Hawkeye

Understanding Your Data in Nintex Hawkeye
In my last blog post, I discussed scheduling workflows in the cloud. In this post I want to discuss what is stored in Nintex’ cloud infrastructure.  This is particularly important for companies who are using Nintex Hawkeye, the workflow analytic platform. 

New Office 365 Workflow New Feature: Conditional Start

New Office 365 Workflow New Feature: Conditional Start

Conditional start is an exciting new feature recently introduced for Nintex Workflow for Office 365 that gives designers now have more control over how workflows are triggered. Normally, a workflow is kicked off when an item is created or modified. This new feature lets you set a condition or expression that must be true for the workflow to start.

Office 365 Workflow New Feature

Office 365 Workflow New Feature

An exciting new feature for Nintex Workflow for Office 365 is the enhanced capabilities in viewing your workflows. You can now zoom in to specific areas, or zoom out for an overall view of your workflow.

Did you know: Scheduling Workflows In The Cloud

Did you know that Scheduled Workflows are now available on the entire Nintex Platform? This capability originally started out in Nintex Workflow for SharePoint on premises. The capability recently was introduced to the cloud in Nintex Workflow Cloud and now it is available in Nintex Workflow for Office 365.

Geolocation Controls in Nintex Mobile

Geolocation Controls in Nintex Mobile
This is another post focusing on Nintex Mobile.  Nintex Mobile support more than a dozen controls to enhance forms. For this blog post, I will focus on just one, the geolocation control.
You will find this control in Nintex Forms designer in the General Section.  Just drag and drop onto your canvas to begin using it.

Customizing Menu Items in your Mobile App

In this post I will focus on a mobile app’s looks and feel and share some tips to make it more professional

1.    Change the name and icon of the menu items:  In every menu item in the Content Section, you can select the pencil stencil icon to change name, icon, or both.  You can use this to rename the html item to “Home” and to provide a proper icon for it.  For another example, you can design forms and tasks to be more user-friendly by giving them custom names like “My requests” or “My tasks.” 

New Feature: Get and Set Box Enterprise Metadata

New Feature: Get and Set Box Enterprise Metadata

Nintex Workflow for Box has was updated to provide better support for file metadata.  There is now support for getting and setting Enterprise Metadata for files in Box.

Two new actions have been added to the Box Connector that provides the ability to “Get file metadata” and “Set file metadata”.  Nintex created these new actions to allow creators to build workflows that can control the file’s Enterprise Metadata as the workflow progresses.

Change the Default Landing Page in Nintex App Studio

Change the Default Landing Page in Nintex App Studio

Nintex App Studio is a great development platform because of its ability to organize all the content within the App. The different element items are stored in a folder-like structure.  Nintex Mobile, by default, has the same folders:

  • Forms
  • Tasks
  • Outbox
  • Sent
  • Drafts
Nintex Dreamforce 2017 Announcements

Nintex Dreamforce 2017 Announcements

Two years ago, Nintex acquired Drawloop to enhance their document generation capabilities.  Ever since the acquisition, Nintex has worked to further enhance the product to make document generation available to SharePoint, Office 365 and Nintex Cloud. Now Nintex has announced at Dreamforce 2017 that Drawloop will now be known as Nintex Document Generation.  The name as been updated in the Nintex AppExchange.

New Nintex Forms Submit Options For Workflow Cloud

Nintex has just updated their Workflow Cloud offering with some significant new customization options for Nintex Forms to enhance the user experience.  Workflow creators can now:

  • Customize the form Submit button text
  • Integrate Google reCAPTCHA in the submit experience
  • Create custom URLs to redirect users to additional information or actions
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