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Roz Gompers

Director of Operations

With over 30 years of Financial Accounting, Passionately striving toward constant improvement – Budgeting, Operation Management, Profit Growth, Strategic Planning, Business Development and Marketing.

Managerial Contributions:

• Managed firm operation on a daily basis including Accounting Receivable/Payables/Cash Flow
• Management
• Director areas with multiple functions together with division directors.
• Assisted executive manager in planning and executing the annual budget.
• Provide human resources to employee, processing bi-weekly payroll and benefit management.
• Owned and operated small company


Notable Achievements

  • Sets challenging cross-functional goals that support the organizational goals and strategies.
  • Integrated functional strategies, utilizing business expertise to reach financial and operational objectives.
  • Researched and developed new strategies to achieve company goals and objectives-Deployed resources to reach financial forecast and business objectives.
  • Monitored company policies and developed new operational procedures for firm in order to increase efficiency.
  • Successful owner of Small business in Antiques and Auction sales.