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The fundamentals of understanding color

Color theory is both the science and art of color. It explains how humans perceive color; how colors mix, match or clash; the subliminal (and often cultural) messages colors communicate; and the methods used to replicate color.

Understanding color

So why should you care about color theory as an entrepreneur? Why can’t you just slap some red on your packaging and be done with it? It worked for Coke, right?

Color theory will help you build your brand. And that will help you get more sales. Let’s see how it all works.

Color is perception. Our eyes see something (the sky, for example), and data sent from our eyes to our brains tells us it’s a certain color (blue). Objects reflect light in different combinations of wavelengths. Our brains pick up on those wavelength combinations as a phenomenon we call color.

When you’re strolling down the soft drink aisle scanning the shelves filled with 82 million cans and bottles and trying to find your six-pack of Coke, what do you look for? The scripted logo or that familiar red can?

People decide whether or not they like a product in 10 seconds or less. 90% of that decision is based solely on color. So, a very important part of your branding must focus on color.