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Now That Everyone Is On The Home Internet

Now That Everyone Is On The Home Internet

Whether you are home alone or with your family and pets, it seems everyone is on the internet -- even the dogs -- and it is bogging down.

We have had a number of customers ask us if there is a simple way to extend their home based internet service so that the signal is viable throughout the house and maybe even into the backyard.

Although legally only your ISP can increase your overall bandwidth, we have the following suggestions for making sure you are getting your full through-put and making it available where you need it.

First: Make sure your system router is secure.  If your home router uses a default Admin Password, then the system, at its source, can be hacked.  If the password is unique to the router, and printed on a label attached to the router, you are probably OK.

Next: Your home WiFi needs to be protected.  By now, most people have a secured home WiFi, but if you do not, please set it up.

After that, check your WiFi speed using one of a number of free internet bandwidth checkers.  Search for: bandwidth speed test
To extend your range, look for a simple single band extender that simply plugs into a wall outlet.  Most are available for under $100 from Best Buy or MicroCenter.  They will use your existing WiFi security.  If they have their own admin screen, make sure it is protected same as your router.

As always, if you have questions please send an email to or call 202.293.5003 x3

Despite that we are apart, we are all in this together.  Stay safe.