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10 items that define MadWolf Technologies

1) Always tell the customer everything you know about their IT environment – keep information from a customer is not the way to build a trust relationship
2) If we do our job well and everything works, people may ask “Why are we paying these guys”.  If we mess up, they will ask the same question.  That’s why we send monthly executive reports so everyone knows what we are doing behind the curtain.
3) After a customer appointment, never talk about the meeting in the elevator.
4) Every Engineer knows the terms of our Best of Breed program: Full Refund in 30-days in not satisfied; Get out of contract in 30 days if not satisfied; Bill in six-minute increments.
5) What we do: Solve IT problems before they happen, and be there promptly when they occur.
6) How we do it: Through advanced monitoring and management systems with dedicated technical coordinators to make sure certified engineers address the issues promptly.
7) Why we do what we do: This is really the most important.  We make technology work better to help you achieve your mission.
8) What does PAC do: Our Process Automation Consulting Group builds IT processes that improve business functions.
9) The first rule: Do no wrong.
10) Escalate: If an trouble ticket is beyond a skill set or takes too long to resolve, move it quickly up to a more senior engineer.

AND, one more (perhaps the golden rule):

11) Communicate with the customer – all the time – particularly the bad news first.