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8 NINTEX Workflow Cloud Improvements
Before I list the improvements to Nintex Workflow Cloud, I feel I need to remind us exactly what it is.  Nintex Workflow Cloud is a cloud workflow service that allows customers to easily extend and connect business forms, applications, content and systems of record with decision makers to help them succeed.
The Nintex Workflow Cloud service has been improving steadily since its launch last year in early 2016.  I am going to list eight areas where we have seen significant improvement.


Nintex Workflow Cloud now makes it really easy to design and connect a form to a business process from directly within the workflow designer.  Nintex forms are also responsive and provide the ability to custom-brand and embed the form into web pages. 


Document Generation
As a reminder, Nintex Document Generation is the automation of data-driven documents using Salesforce, SharePoint, or Office 365 with the click of a button.  The new features are:

  • Support for multiple templates
  • Conditional inclusion of templates, merge types
  • Support for multiple file output formats


Business processes typically involve the assignment of tasks or work that needs be done.  New features include:

  • New workflow design action called Assign a Task.  This action provides designers with a single outcome task
  • Task outcomes were moved to the outcomes section in the configuration for the Express approval action to make Task Outcomes more intuitive
  • Improvements made to the Express Approval experience by making the default text size and font consistent.


File Management
Many business processes involve some sort of file (i.e. Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint Presentation).  Two new features:

  • Support for file collections in the Express Approval and Send an Email actions.  File collections provide the workflow creator an easy way to manage multiple files within a workflow.
  • Support for the use of file collections in the Store a File action provided for Box, One Drive, Google Drive and Citrix Fileshare.

Nintex Workflow Cloud does not physically store the files, but provides the ability to store files in external repositories such as Box, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, and Citrix Fileshare.

New file management features include:

  • All EFSS Copy a File actions now have consistent path field "ghost text" to help insure configuration is more intuitive.
  • Copy/Move file actions now support the use of either a fully-formed path inclusive of filename/extension, or a directory path that specifies only the target folder location.


Many Business process require a legally binding signature.  New e-signature features include:

  • Support for multiple recipients in the Adobe Get Signature action
  • Improved action store output picker in Adobe Get Signature lets a workflow creator capture additional output metadata
  • Improved the DocuSign experience by exporting signed files to a collection as an output variable


Workflow Designer
The workflow design experience has been improved by reducing the number of clicks required.  The designer has also been simplified so that when a particular connector has only one connection option, it is automatically selected


Workflow as a Service
A workflow can be triggered from any external system or application by configuring the workflow to be started externally.  This is because the published workflow is also a REST end point.

  • Streamlined the workflow publish and contextual dialogs used to configure an externally started workflow



New CRM-related features include an improved user experience in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics when adding fields to the action configuration.  Clients can now filter and add multiple fields at once.