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9 Tips For Meeting With Microsoft Teams

9 Tips For Meeting With Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enables you to host and participate in more productive meetings and invite anyone to join you. This makes Teams a perfect solution where you can communicate and meet with anyone inside or outside your organization - even if they are not a Teams user. This blog offers nine tips to having more productive meetings with attendees in and outside your organization.

#1 - Join a meeting via Audio Conferencing
#2 - Invite anyone via email
#3 - Admit attendees from the Lobby
#4 - Mute the noisy attendees
#5 - Join a meeting or initiate a phone call without a plug-in
#6 - Share only the essentials
#7 - Let others get in the driver seat
#8 - Get help with Interactive Troubleshooting
#9 – View Call Analytics for Teams

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