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Account Switching for Microsoft 365 Web Apps

Account Switching for Microsoft 365 Web Apps

If you work for multiple organizations that use Microsoft 365, and you also use the service for personal reasons, you might understand the pain of having different accounts. This is because Microsoft only lets you use one account on Microsoft 365 on the web apps at a time. Yet that is soon changing as Microsoft is now finally working on account switching for Microsoft 365 web apps.

Up until now, it has only been possible to sign in to a single Microsoft account in a browser at one time. If you want to use another account instead, you first have to sign out from your current account and then log in to the other one.  According to a Microsoft blog post “Users can sign into multiple work and personal accounts on Microsoft 365 web apps in the same browser. This also allows them to seamlessly switch between the accounts without having to sign out and sign back in again.” 

This feature is rolling out to first release clients with full availability in April 2022

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