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Assign Seats in Teams Together Mode

Assign Seats in Teams Together Mode

Microsoft Teams is adding a new feature in Together Mode to let meeting organizers assign seats to all participants.

Microsoft introduced the Together mode feature in Teams back in July 2020. It uses AI to place all participants in a meeting in a virtual space. Up until now, the Teams desktop app only allowed users to assign a seat to the organizer or presenter while creating custom Together Mode scenes.

Microsoft says that meeting organizers will now see an option to assign seats to attendees either while enabling Together Mode or when selecting a scene. “Meeting organizer can assign seats to meeting invitees and all the participants currently in the meeting by dragging the user to the preferred seat. Once assigned, organizer can apply the newly created layout and everyone in the meeting will see the participants organized by the seating assignment,” Microsoft noted.

How to enable:
Teams meeting organizer will see an option to assign seats to participants while turning on Together Mode or later from the scene selection dialog box following these steps:
  1. Join a Teams Meeting as a meeting organizer.
  2. Click on "View" -> "Together Mode" to enable Together Mode.
  3. The first time when enabling Together Mode in a meeting, a window will pop up, allowing you to select scenes and make other Together Mode configurations. (When you want to adjust already existing seating, go to "View" -> "Together Mode" -> "Change scene")
  4. Click on "Assign Seats"
  5. Try to assign users to an empty seat and click "Assign".
  6. Users will be placed in the selected seats.
Microsoft plans to begin rolling the new Together Mode experience to all Microsoft 365 tenants in early September and it should be generally available by late September. The company is also bringing this feature to government customers in October this year.

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