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Best Practices For Successful Large Teams Meetings
Joel Rollins

Best Practices For Successful Large Teams Meetings

With employees being remote, Teams has become an integral tool in facilitating company all-hands gatherings, town halls, webinars, and product launches. Let’s take a look at some large meeting options currently available in Teams and best practices that can help deliver a positive experience for all who are in attendance.

Teams meetings offer a collaborative and interactive experience with options to add structure for large meetings. As you extend the meeting to a larger audience, it is important to take appropriate steps to make the meeting more effective. Elements from this blog post reference Microsoft’s Virtual Event Guidance document.

Organizers and Presenters:
  • For a smooth meeting, event organizers should set pre-defined presenters for the event. This creates the organized structure of presenter and attendee roles. After a meeting has started, presenters also can promote other attendees to the presenter role.
  • Define a co-organizer via meeting options
  • Pre-configure video and microphone settings to control attendees’ experiences.
    • Disable attendees’ microphones to avoid disturbance. If someone needs to interact during the meeting, allow them to unmute when they raise their hand.
    • Disable attendees’ video to avoid visual distractions. During appropriate times in the meeting, video can be permitted for all attendees or specific individuals.
  • Prestage meeting applications such as polls and Q&A will be used during the meeting
Recommended IT administrators and IT support staff monitoring during meetings  
Create more interactive and engaging meetings with these tips
  • Use polls to gather information about attendees before and during meetings.
  • Interact with attendees using chat and/or Q&A. Use the Q&A app for both open and moderated meetings and webinars. You can mark best answers, filter responses, moderate and dismiss questions, and pin posts such as a welcome message. Currently, anonymous attendees are not supported but will be available later this year.
  • During meetings, organizers can use different views like Dynamic View, Together Mode, or Presenter mode. In addition, they can use Spotlight to highlight a single or multiple presenters to make them stand out. Note that Spotlight cannot be used in Large Gallery or Together Mode.
  • Remind and encourage attendees to raise their hands before speaking. With ordered raised hands, you know the order of who to call on first so that no participant is missed.
  • Reactions are excellent for the attendees to provide sentiment within the meeting.
  • Enable captions and transcription for a more inclusive meeting. Both transcription and recordings are helpful for those who missed the meeting or need a recap.
Options you can choose for large meetings
There is a plethora of information, documentation and blog articles that detail the features available for the following three meeting types, so we’ll skip the minutiae and list a few items that will be relevant to upcoming topics.
Teams Large Meetings (View-Only)
  • Full interactive capabilities for the first 1,000 users, with subsequent users in view-only mode
  • Expands the previous 300 user capacity up to 1,000*
  • Meetings from 1,001 to 20,000 are View-Only
  • Configurable Interaction Options
  • Disabled by default and must be enabled with PowerShell
Teams Webinars
  • Up to 1,000 participants
  • Registration that can be public or organization only
  • Configurable Interaction Options
  • Disabled by default and must be enabled with PowerShell
Teams Live Events
  • Broadcast to large audiences
  • Moderated Q&A for interaction
  • Supports advanced production capabilities
  • 20,000 user capacity that can be expanded up to 100,000**
  • Disabled by default and must be enabled with PowerShell
*The usual 10,000 is increased to 20,000 through June 30, 2022.
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