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BrightGauge Client Reports Initiative

MadWolf Client reporting will be updated to make use of the tools available to us.  These updates are based on feedback from New and Existing Client requests.

The reporting engine, BrightGauge, enables the creation of reports based on data from our primary toolsets (ConnectWise, SolarWinds, etc), which allow us to create attractive reports of both Ticket Metrics and Environment Metrics, in a unified environment and output. 

Adam Edwards and Bill Jones will be working together to assemble a new base report template, which will be in a deliverable form by August, 2019.  The report will undergo a period of expansion through August and September, with the goal of a report package that contains valuable information for our clients, that is easily distributed on a scheduled basis. 


Stay Tuned for examples of our new reports, as this initiative progresses, that you can sink your teeth into.