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Call Ukraine For Free Using Teams and Skype

Call Ukraine For Free Using Teams and Skype

Microsoft is working to make it easier to communicate with people in Ukraine. The latest Insider build of Skype and Microsoft Teams will include several features that are part of Microsoft's Ukraine-centric efforts, including the ability to make free phone calls to Ukraine.

The updates for Skype and Teams will include support for translating phone calls to and from Ukraine.  Below is a list of Microsoft’s Ukraine centric efforts:
  • Make free phone calls to Ukraine: on all platforms. Stay connected by calling from/to Ukraine for free. To help further, we support Ukraine through the non-profit organizations listed on the Skype Home Page, and you can as well.
  • Support for more languages in Translated Conversations: on all platforms. Translate your Skype and phone calls from/to the Ukrainian language.
  • "Support Ukraine" emoticons: on all platforms. (ukraineheart) (ukrainehandshake) (ukrainepray)
  • Google Play In-App Billing System: on Android. To purchase Credit, Subscriptions and Skype Numbers.
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