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Change the Default Landing Page in Nintex App Studio

Change the Default Landing Page in Nintex App Studio

Nintex App Studio is a great development platform because of its ability to organize all the content within the App. The different element items are stored in a folder-like structure.  Nintex Mobile, by default, has the same folders:

  • Forms
  • Tasks
  • Outbox
  • Sent
  • Drafts

It is also possible to add custom content and further enhance your forms and workflows with documents, images, videos and or html pages.

Nintex App Studio also allows you to organize all these folders to:

  • Delete any folder we no longer need.  For example you project application may be built for a specific purpose and only needs to display one form and hide the tasks
  • Edit any folder.   For example if you edit the forms and tasks folder, you can create a filter to tell the App Studio what forms and workflows you want to bring into the App.
  • Change the order of the folders.  You can drag and drop the folder to where you want it.  Useful if you want to show your forms first and put the Sent folder at the bottom of the list.

The ability to change the order is a very important feature because the first menu item on the list of folders is going to be the landing page of your App.  When you open the App, the viewing item will be the same as if you selected that menu item.  For example, if the folder contains a list of folders, you will see a list of folders.

In practice, this means that you can make any menu item the landing page of your App.  This opens up a wide range of scenarios.  Some examples:

  • Your App is very simple and specific: You just want to create a request, a safety inspection or a survey.  The first item could be the forms menu with only that specific form.  The landing page will be that form
  • You want to create a short intro video every time the App is launched, the user will see that video.  So, the first item would be a custom content folder with only that video
  • You create an app to scan QR codes and collect the date for each one.  The first item could be a QR scanner and your app will open your camera, ready to scan the code

Now you see how powerful having the ability to change the folder order can be for your App