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Customizing Menu Items in your Mobile App

In this post I will focus on a mobile app’s looks and feel and share some tips to make it more professional

1.    Change the name and icon of the menu items:  In every menu item in the Content Section, you can select the pencil stencil icon to change name, icon, or both.  You can use this to rename the html item to “Home” and to provide a proper icon for it.  For another example, you can design forms and tasks to be more user-friendly by giving them custom names like “My requests” or “My tasks.” 

2.    Change the Form and Task Listings: From the Forms and Tasks menu items, click Add Filter to tell App Studio to include (or exclude) specific forms and workflow tasks from all the forms and tasks that are in your Nintex environments connected to this app.  

From the same menu, you can change the attributes displayed for every form and task.  Clicking the pencil button again and you will have the option of changing the Icon, Name, and other attributes. 

With a few changes, your mobile App looks less generic and more purpose-built.