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Feature Highlight: Beacons

Mention the word “Beacon” to many workflow developers and they may stare back with a blank look. 

A Beacon is an action control in Nintex Workflow that can be placed anywhere in the workflow to capture specific data.  With this action, you can produce additional data from a workflow for a Process Intelligence Lens report in Nintex Hawkeye.

To get started:
1.Define your data source in Nintex Hawkeye
2.In Nintex Workflow, search for “Beacon”.  Drag the control to the workflow canvas
3.To configure this Action Control, you can either double click the control, click the gear in the upper left corner, or single click on the ellipses (…)

4.Now you can define your variables
5.You can add as many Beacons as you like.  To add more, click the   button.
6.When you have finished configuring your Beacon, simply click on the workflow canvas.  The information is automatically saved.
7.Your Beacon Action Control is now configured.  

8.There are two other Beacon Action Controls to mention:
Beginning Beacon: Logs the start of a process stage with Nintex Hawkeye.
Ending Beacon: Logs the end of a process stage with Nintex Hawkeye.