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Feature Highlight: Mobile Easy Task Approval

Today, I want to highlight a very useful feature that Nintex provides for its workflow customers.  Task approval using the mobile client.  

Many tasks require you to read a lot of context in order to make a decision, so it makes sense to know exactly what you’re approving/rejecting/passing for more information.

However, there are those simple, quick requests with a simple outcome:

  • Have you reviewed this?
  • Is action required?
  • Etc.

Let me show how you can use Easy Task Approval to ask and answer a simple request via Workflow

In the example below, we have a task assigned to a Manager to confirm that they have carried out and employee review.

We will need a workflow with an Assign Flexi Task action included.  The most important part of this task will be the Task Name section.  This needs to be intuitive and simple to understand.  

‘Workflow Task’ does not really help the end user make a quick decision here, so we need to change that.  We will use the Insert Reference in the Task Name to make that easier.  

We also need to make the Outcomes make sense here.  These are the Easy Approval options.  

Now that we have our Tasks and Outcomes clearly defined, we can use Nintex Mobile to quickly make task decisions.