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First Look At Microsoft's New 'One Outlook' Email Client For Windows
Joel Rollins

First Look At Microsoft's New 'One Outlook' Email Client For Windows

Microsoft's new web-based Outlook client has been in development for well over a year at this point. In fact, the client itself has been in testing since last year but was inaccessible to people outside the company, that is until now. 

The new Outlook looks and feels a lot like, which is what sources had said to expect. here are a couple of new additions exclusive to this client, such as the ability to configure the ribbon along the top to a more traditional Outlook style.

Microsoft currently has different versions of Outlook for Windows, Mac, the Web, iOS, and Android devices. The mobile versions are based on the Acompli technology it acquired. Microsoft refers to all of these variants as plain-old "Outlook." The new One Outlook -- which also is expected to be branded as "Outlook" once it's available -- will work on the Windows Desktop (Win32/UWP; Intel and Arm), on the Web, and the macOS Desktop.  

Microsoft hasn't yet announced this new email experience officially, but it's likely to be unveiled soon as the app looks relatively polished. Microsoft Build 2022 is later this month, so perhaps we'll see an official announcement there.

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