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General Data Protection Regulation
Santos Arellano

General Data Protection Regulation

MadWolf Technologies will help you and walk you through the steps your business must take to become GDPR-ready. 
Any company that has a Web presence and markets their products over the Web will need GDPR.

Is your business GDPR-ready?

  • • Roadmap to high availability, does your business need high availability data protection?
  • • Protect your business data with Carbonite Recover, Carbonite Recover protects your business data and ensures high availability of critical systems without additional hardware costs.
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  • • The art of eliminating downtime to achieve high availability, Downtime, no matter what the cause, is becoming less acceptable. 
  • • High availability or backup? Most data centers have some sort of backup strategy where it copies data on a periodic basis, typically once per night, to a secondary storage device and then either replicated or transported to a disaster recovery site. 

Talk to our experts about your infrastructure and high availability requirements. We'll tailor a solution that's right for you.