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Generate Basic Microsoft Teams Report without PowerShell
Joel Rollins

Generate Basic Microsoft Teams Report without PowerShell

Currently, Administrators are required to use PowerShell to create Teams reports such as All Teams, Channels, Members, and Owners Reports.  For an experienced administrator, this may not be much of an inconvenience, but for a newbie there is another way.

To make reporting easier, Microsoft has introduced the “Export Report” feature in the Microsoft Teams Admin Cener.
The feature allows admins to create the following reports:
  1. Teams list report
  2. Channels list report
  3. Members list report
By clicking the ‘Export’ icon in the header, admins can export the report in the form of a CSV file.  
  • The download section shows the exported reports in the last 24 hours.  
  • Each admin has a personalized view. So, one admin cannot see the reports exported by other admins in their organization. 
  • Admins can apply a filter on these reports and export them instead of exporting all the items.  

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