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Geolocation Controls in Nintex Mobile

Geolocation Controls in Nintex Mobile
This is another post focusing on Nintex Mobile.  Nintex Mobile support more than a dozen controls to enhance forms. For this blog post, I will focus on just one, the geolocation control.
You will find this control in Nintex Forms designer in the General Section.  Just drag and drop onto your canvas to begin using it.

In the example below, we have added this function using the default settings. There are settings that are specific for this control: Location Button and Manual Input.

The Location Button allows you to specify the text to display on the geolocation label.  By default, it is set to Use my location.  The Manual Input setting has three available settings: Enable, Disable, and Hide.
In Mobile devices, the control is a little different.  In the example below you can see the Mobile view of the form with a new control at the bottom:

The user would tap on this control to open a map with their current location.  You can use this location or use the adjacent search to find another location or address 

Now you can confirm the location by clicking/tapping on the Check mark.

Now you will see the location with the longitude and latitude information.