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Here is the Last Weekly M365 Service Update for This Year!

Microsoft to enable certification renewals for free starting in February 2021 
Microsoft plans to allow IT professionals to renew their Microsoft Certifications virtually and for free in 2021. At the same time, Microsoft plans to require those with certifications to more frequently update those certifications' validity. 
Also starting next year, Microsoft will be reducing the period for which role-based and specialty certifications remain valid. Currently, those kinds of certifications are good for two years, but starting in June 2021, they will be valid for one year from the date they were earned. Officials attributed the change to one-year validity to "how quickly cloud technology changes." 
Those seeking more details on the renewal of their role-based and spcialty certifications can check out the Renew Your Microsoft Certification page. 
Earlier this year, Microsoft extended the previously announced retirement date for its Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA) certifications by seven months -- until January 31, 2021. The company cited the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus as the reason for the certification extension. 
Microsoft 365 Improvements for macOS 
  • Universal app support for Macs with M1 – Microsoft has released new versions of Microsoft 365 for Mac apps that run natively on Macs with M1.  This will include Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. 
  • Support for iCloud accounts – Microsoft has announced support for iCloud accounts in Outlook. For Mac. This will enable users to organize work and personal emails, contacts, and calendars together in one app.  Microsoft will start to roll this out using the new Outlook for Mac in the coming weeks. 
Translation for Outlook 
Coming in January 2021, Translation in Outlook will be enabled by default for all M365 tenants.  This feature will enable users to translate full messages or specific words and phrases in email.  When Outlook detects that a received message is in a language other than that in the user's mailbox's language, it will ask the user if they want to translate it by showing that option at the top of the message. Users can select to "Never translate" messages from that language. They can also translate specific words or phrases using the context menu. 
The M365 Admin will have the option to manage this feature by either group policy or M365 Privacy settings. 
Migration Manager Updates 
Migration Manager now lets SharePoint admins select a OneDrive username or URL when setting a migration destination. For admins with a Teams license, Migration Manager makes it possible to select a Teams channel as a destination. 
With this update, the Migration Manager tool now supports entering either a OneDrive username or OneDrive URL 

For Teams, admins can select from a list of Teams available within the tenant.  Once an admin selects a team, they can select a channel to where to migrate the content. 

Older Versions of Outlook EOL 
Beginning November 1, 2021, the following versions of Outlook will not be able to connect to Microsoft 365: 
  • Office 2013 
  • Office 2016 
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise/business version 1705 and older 
Microsoft Edge Legacy Support 
Support for Microsoft Edge Legacy support will end on March 9, 2021. Ways to upgrade to the new Microsoft Edge: 
AI-based Noise Reduction for MS Teams 
Teams offers three levels of noise suppression to help keep meeting participants focused (currently only available in the Teams Windows desktop app. 

To set the noise suppression level: 
  1. Select your profile picture at the top right of Teams and then select Settings
  1. Select Devices on the left and then, under Noise suppression, select an option. 
  • Auto (default) - The Teams app decides on the best level of noise suppression based on local noise. 
  • High - Suppresses all background sound that isn't speech. 
  • For this option, your computer's processor must support Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2). 
  • This option is currently not available if the meeting or call is being recorded or live captions is turned on. 
  • Enabling this option uses more computer resources. 
  • Low - Suppresses low levels of persistent background noise, such as a computer fan or air conditioner. Use this setting for playing music. 
  • Off - Noise suppression is disabled. Use this setting for high-fidelity microphones in low noise environments.