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How computers and cars are similar

A bunch of parts put together designed to do a certain task. Am I taking about cars or computers? Both actually. They are built to perform an intended purpose. Each have a set of requirements to function.

Some examples:

  • The motherboard is the Floorboard of the car. Holds everything together and everything mounts to it.
  • The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the Engine and ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of the car. Tells the thing when to turn on and operates key functions.
  • The Power Supply is the Battery and Alternator of the car. Keeps it charged and powered on when you need it.
  • The Hard Drive is the total size of the car. How much storage do you need?
  • The RAM is the Trunk of the car. Just temporary storage and a couch is probably too much for it to process.
  • An extra Graphics Card is the Turbo of the car. Not all computers or cars have these attached but the ones that do can be pretty fast.

Like I mentioned earlier whenever you design a PC or a car there is an intended function in mind. Do you want to perform many tasks or just one specific function? Do you want to go as fast as possible over a short distance? Do you want to sit in the right lane and put along? A commuter car will need to get you from A to B. Regular workstations will have average parts to get the job done. A race car will be like a gaming computer. Adding some speed parts and extra fans will keep it running hard and fast. A server is like an eighteen wheeler. Cruises along in the slow lane to get the job done reliably.

Auto industry and technical service is very similar. Like cars, computers will sometimes break down. In this case you need a mechanic or a technician to help you get back up and running. We all know the joke when you take your car to the mechanic it doesn’t make the noise you are trying to describe to them. That happens to our clients when they connect with our support engineers as well!

With all the similarities it is no wonder that half our team are gear heads as well as techies.