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Humentum Webinar:  Adoptability and Collaboration in Microsoft 365 Teams

Humentum Webinar: Adoptability and Collaboration in Microsoft 365 Teams

Presented by our Technical Partnership with Humentum

Join us on February 23rd, 2022, when Humentum and Industry Partner MadWolf Technologies to explore adoption and acceptance by your users in your Microsoft Office 365 universe. The session will provide tips and tricks around security and governance, focus on collaboration tools in Microsoft Office 365- Teams, and provide actionable work items and goals to take back to their organization. If you are still trying to encourage staff to collaborate.

MadWolf will also extend FREE TRAINING on any one topic of your choice just by attending the session and providing us with you contact details. This is a no pressure, no strings attached chance to take online training to a new level!

The presentation, presented by the partnership of MadWolf Technologies and Brainstorm's QuickHelp team,  will start off with a quick look at the educational tools you can provide to your staff- if you dont train them they wont use the tools you provide them, and it will just sit there and go to waste.  In this pandemic environment, organizations are leaning on technology now more than ever before. But learning how to use it efficiently can be a major challenge for some.  By driving the adoption of new technology, your organization can: 
  • Improve efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness
  • Accelerate a shift to digital business
  • Support remote workers
  • Reduce costs
  • Grow revenue 

Learn how to engage your team to improve productivity and boost technology ROI with Adopting New Technology in a Pandemic Landscape. Join us at the workshop, sign up here, and you will be followed up by a member of the MadWolf team to get your free training for one topic of your choice after the workshop is over.  You must attend in order to get the free training.  

Then our presentation will move from adoption / training exercises to how to build an intranet that your teams need and will enjoy using- creating a fully collaborative space.  Presented by MadWolf Technologies and their partner Powell 365.  Achieving effective corporate communication relies on an inviting employee and user experience. Your company intranet is designed to inform employees, strengthen internal links and create a closer company culture.  Powell Intranet combines complete business communication with the highest standards of user experience and employee engagement. We create shared workspaces and augmented collaboration with smart connections between the intranet and Microsoft Teams.

Presenters Include:
Richard Tesmer, Director of the PMO
MadWolf Technologies

Jared Lord
Todd Marinos

Steve Stryhalaleck
Jonathan King
Powell 365 Software


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