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Intelligent Process Automation

In this current era of rapid rise of available tech, there are obstacles that have always existed that businesses must still overcome. Things like regulation changes that require a rethink of procedures, fluctuation in the global economy for example.

This is where Nintex and their focus on Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) comes in.  In this blog post, I will briefly define what Intelligent Process Automation is and the 6 areas of IPA that organizations need to focus on when implementing a solution.

So, what is Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)?  The best way to describe IPA is to say its process automation with machine learning applied.

Let’s look at a real world application of IPA

Picture an insurance company where a sales team member must collect a lot of specific information on a prospective customer and feed that information to several departments to understand the type of policy the customer will require.  There are many ways a service like this can be delayed, especially if the process is manual.  Even if the process is automated, there is a significant amount of work that must be undertaken to make sure the workflow is successful.

IPA enables the workflow to interpret actions with the workflow, like text messages, and make decisions that don’t require pre-programming and provide answers to customers from a simple form filled in online.

Nintex IPA offers the following capabilities:

1.Advanced workflow -  Automate any business process without writing a line of code
2.Document generation – Create consistent and up-to-date documents in one click
3.Mobile apps and forms – Use your mobile device and forms to collect vital data from wherever you are, online or offline
4.Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Automate the most repetitive processes so your employees have more time with higher value processes
5.Process intelligence – Understand the success or failure of your automated processes so you can constantly find ways to improve how your business runs
6.Machine intelligence – Optimize you tasks automatically with machine learning and natural language processing and make your business processes more effective and efficient.