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Mesh for Teams and Microsoft Metaverse
Joel Rollins

Mesh for Teams and Microsoft Metaverse

Mesh for Teams will make it easy to access Microsoft Metaverse by switching to an immersive meeting experience directly from within a Teams meeting.

Microsoft first announced Microsoft Mesh at Ignite in March 2021, and then later that year at Ignite in November 2021 they announced that Mesh for Teams will come to Preview during H1/2022.

An immersive meeting experience will make it easier to collaborate in a virtual space. Unlike in a traditional 2D meeting, we can walk (or move, to be more accurate) over to people to talk to them, form small groups easily, and mingle around. Using a virtual whiteboard, we can ideate and create while talking through ideas together – next to the whiteboard. If there are people in the same meeting joining via a physical meeting room with, for example, a Surface Hub, they can also participate using the same Whiteboard. Hybrid meetings and work will be easier and more versatile with Mesh for Teams and Microsoft Metaverse.

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