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Metadata Driven Processes for Box

Metadata is extremely important to just about everything we do in SharePoint.  From data classification, analysis and collaboration to process automation, metadata is essential.

Quick refresher on what metadata is: Data that provides information about other data.

Box, the cloud EFSS service, knows the value of metadata. They allow users to create metadata templates and apply them to data that resides within their repository.  This allows users to classify and describe the files they are storing in Box in great detail.  Some scenarios where this can be very useful:

Document reviews and approvals – publishing press releases, issuing project estimates, contracts, terms and conditions, etc.

Management of change - an update to metadata may trigger a workflow that publishes a new document – such as in the case where a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) accompanies a product whose ingredients may have changed.

Document routing / archiving / distribution - final disposition, retention, sharing with a wider audience such as with a policy change, etc.
Audi / compliance – who touched a document; when, why, was it properly handled / chain of custody, was a regulated process followed, etc.

**Note – This functionality relies on the Enterprise Metadata Templates in your Box tenant.

**Note – You must setup default file storage in your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant if you plan on using File variables.

Nintex Workflow Cloud – Help – Connectors – Box