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Joel Rollins

Microsoft 365 Roundup

Outlook Extension for Microsoft Edge


Recently Microsoft has rolled out several new features including a new Password Monitor and the new Microsoft Outlook extension for Edge which I am highlighting here for this article.
User can quickly access their inbox without switching tabs or apps. You can use the Outlook extension for Edge to manage your emails, calendar, and tasks. The common actions that users can accomplish with Outlook on the Web or Outlook on the Desktop, user can do with this Outlook extension including reading and sending emails. Once downloaded, the browser adds an Outlook icon on the address bar.  Users will need to sign in with their work or personal account to see their emails, contacts, and tasks, and more in a pop-up menu while browsing the web.

Other features include the ability to join online meetings, create new events, as well as view upcoming events.
As of now, there is no official Outlook extension for Chrome or Firefox. This is for the Edge browser only. You can download the Microsoft Outlook extension for Edge from The extension currently supports 50 different languages.

Roundup of What’s New for Teams for July 2021

Find a meeting recording based on what was said with Microsoft Search
You can now find meeting recordings in Microsoft Search based on the meeting transcript. This feature is available to all users by default and makes it easier to find videos in Microsoft 365. You can access this feature through the search bar in Teams you use to find other file types.

Lock a meeting from additional joins
Organizers can now choose to lock their meetings to prevent subsequent join attempts. Anyone attempting to join a locked meeting from any device is informed with a message that they are not able to join as the meeting is locked. This helps avoid distractions from late joiners during the meeting. You can find this feature under More actions in the Participant pane and is currently available in Desktop app only.
Slide translate in PowerPoint Live in Teams
This private setting allows you to see a personalized view of the slide where text is translated in your chosen language. Now you can better understand the presented content privately. This feature supports 19 languages with more to come.

Teams Meetings Auto Recording
Meeting organizers are now able to set a single meeting occurrence or series to auto-record by enabling the “Record automatically” setting from Meeting Options. The meeting automatically starts recording once the first participant from the same organization joins the meeting. Recording is saved to initiator’s OneDrive (privately scheduled meetings) or SharePoint (channel meetings). This feature is available in Desktop and Mobile

Paging on Video Gallery
When you are in gallery view mode, and there are more videos than what can be shown at once on the meeting stage, navigation controls < and > now appears below the Video Gallery. You can use these controls to view more video participants. The maximum number of videos on the meeting stage can vary depending on your device configuration and internet bandwidth. Paging is available in Large Gallery with Gallery (3x3) coming soon.

Organization-wide background
Teams Admins can now tailor Teams meetings background to their organization. To enable this feature, simply upload images in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center under Meeting policies and they are available to all users. You can add up to 50 images. Organization-wide backgrounds is now temporarily available and will require an Advanced Communications license when it becomes generally available by the end of the year.

Transfer Calls between desktop and mobile
Teams now makes it easy to place and receive calls from several different endpoints, including desktop and mobile devices. The new endpoint transfer capability allows you to seamlessly move your calls between different devices, such as from your laptop to mobile phone, without any interruption in call service or quality.