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Joel Rollins

Microsoft 365 Updates for the Week of May 25th.

Lot's of news WolfPack.  There have been many new and updated Microsoft 365 features announced coming out of the Microsoft Build conference.  Read on for more details.

New Feature: Screen recording available in Microsoft Stream
A feature for screen recording is now available in Microsoft Stream. Video creators can use options to record any window or screen, add mic or system audio, and include webcam video. There is no need to download any new software, the tool is web based and works with latest version of Edge or Chrome.  Safari on MacOS is not yet supported.

This feature is immediately available to all Microsoft Stream users who have permission to upload video content n their organization

Updated Feature: Sharing Links that block downloads
Microsoft is expanding the types of files that users can share with downloads blocked (i.e. read-only).
Currently, users can create SharePoint and OneDrive sharing links that block the download of Office files.  This link allows the recipient to read the file but not download it.
With this update, the list of supported files has been expanded to include PDF files, images, and audio files.
The experience of creating a read-only link has not changed.  Users must uncheck “Allow editing” for the “Block download” toggle to be accessible

Feature Update: SharePoint home sites
Microsoft has re-introduced this feature after retracting it a couple months ago to troubleshoot the rollout.
As a reminder, SharePoint home sites is the new feature that allows organizations to set SharePoint site as their default home page, replacing the out of the box classic root site.  SharePoint home sites are designed and designated to serve as the top portal in your organization.  They will collect news, conversations, video and other content from around your organization and deliver it in one place.

Requirements for the home site is that needs to use the communication site template and not be set as a Hub site.

New Feature: Schedule pages and news posts in SharePoint
Microsoft is introducing the ability for SharePoint page authors to schedule pages and news posts for publication at a future date and time.
SharePoint site owners will have the option to enable scheduling on their sites; it will be disabled by default.
When scheduling is enabled, page authors will be able to set a date and time for their pages and news posts to publish.
  • Microsoft will begin gradually rolling this out to Targeted Release customers in late-May; the rollout will be complete in early June.
  • Microsoft will update this post when they have information about the rollout for Standard Release customers.
Microsoft Build Updates

New Feature: Microsoft Learn TV
Learn how to build solutions and use Microsoft products from the experts that built them! Learn TV is the place to find the latest digital content so you can always keep updated on the latest announcements, features and products from Microsoft.

New Feature: Document libraries and lists - save a view in Quick Edit and Quick Edit page size expanding
Microsoft is updating two Quick Edit features to facilitate faster inline editing on SharePoint document libraries and lists.
  • Save a view in Quick Edit
  • Quick Edit page size expanding from 30 items to 100
When this will happen
  • Microsoft will be rolling these two features out to Targeted Release customers at the end of May; expect the rollout to be complete mid-June.
  • Microsoft will be rolling them out worldwide in mid-June; expect the rollout to be complete the end of June
How does this work in practice?
1. Save a View in Quick Edit
Users can now save their view in Quick Edit for any SharePoint list or document library. When a user saves a view in Quick Edit, the list or document library will always render in quick edit for easy inline editing.
2. Quick Edit page size expanding to 100 items
Users will now see 100 items per page on their SharePoint document library or list when using Quick Edit. The current limit is 30 items.

Updated Feature: Microsoft Teams - Increasing team membership limit to 10K
Updated May 22, 2020: Microsoft has announced that this feature is now available to all tenants

New Feature: Teams Templates
At Microsoft Build 2020 Microsoft has finally announced that Templates for Teams is coming in the next few months.

With Templates in Teams, users can choose from a variety of customizable templates when creating a new team, helping them get started quickly. IT professionals can also create new custom templates for their organization, allowing them to standardize team structures, surface relevant apps, and scale best practices.
For more information on how templates will be used in Teams, please visit Microsoft’s Blog.
New Feature: Automate teams provisioning
Microsoft has created a PowerApp template that automates the provisioning process based on core teams and channel options which are relevant to optimizing usage.  This enables faster response time for team requests and offers a wealth of personalization options for organizations to implement repeatable best practices on team collaboration.
The Request-a-team app template leverages a Power Apps application to surface easy-to-complete forms for the collection of information such as business justification, access scope, and ownership. End users can create teams from scratch, reuse existing internal teams, and/or take advantage of publicly available templates published by Microsoft.

Landing screen

Set privacy in the first step of the wizard

Check availability of desired name and add additional detail to expose value

Follow best practices in ownership

Review inputs

For more information about the availability of this Teams App, please visit the Microsoft Blog post

New Feature: Microsoft Lists in Teams
Microsoft Lists is coming to Teams! Microsoft Lists helps you track information and organize work. List are simple, smart, and flexible, so you can stay on top of what matters most to your team. Track issues, assets, routines, contacts, inventory and more using customizable views and smart rules and alerts to keep everyone in sync. With ready-made templates, you will be able to quickly start lists online, on our new mobile app, and directly from within Microsoft Teams.

Create a new list directly inside Teams

Create, share, and track list from Microsoft Teams

Do you wish to know more?

New Feature: Contextual Search in Microsoft Teams
Find information faster with contextual search in Microsoft Teams. Users will have the ability to search for content in a specific channel or chat by pressing CTRL + F. Search results will only contain messages and files found in the selected chat or channel.

New Feature: Messaging actions for mobile
Coming soon from Microsoft, they will have message action support for mobile for preview. Message actions can be triggered directly from a message and can be used to enable scenarios such as creating tasks or work items following a discussion within a chat or channel.

New Feature: Microsoft Family Safety app
In March, Microsoft announced Microsoft Family Safety. Now, at Microsoft Build 2020 they have announced a limited preview of their Android and iOS apps.
With families working and learning from home, many of us are spending more time on our computers and phones and are looking for ways to ensure our loved ones are safe. Microsoft Family Safety helps you to facilitate a dialogue with your kids about the time they are spending on their devices and type of content they are viewing. The app provides transparency on where everyone is spending time online and allows you to create flexible schedules to carve out more time for things like online learning. Additionally, it helps you stay connected even when you’re apart with location sharing. Microsoft is committed to bringing customers additional physical safety features in the coming months, like safe driving, so as we go back to a new normal you can help protect your family across your whole life.

Do you wish to know more?
Updated: Office 365 Groups are being renamed to Microsoft 365 Groups
To reflect the fact that Office 365 Groups power collaboration across Microsoft 365, Office 365 Groups will become Microsoft 365 Groups. These changes will happen over time and will be reflected in all the connected endpoints over the upcoming quarters.
Awareness of Microsoft 365 Temporary Feature Adjustment - Update:
  • Customers who use OneDrive Files On-Demand and choose to "display items by using large thumbnails" in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder will see generic icons instead of thumbnails for a subset of file types, such as PDF and video files. Photo file thumbnails (jpeg, jpg, png, etc) are not affected by this change.
  • Updated (in bold) to provide additional clarity: Microsoft is rescheduling specific backend operations to regional evening and weekend business hours. Impacted capabilities include migration, DLP, apps that scan the service, and delays in file management after uploading a new file, video or image.
Previously announced:
  • OneNote in Teams will be read-only for commercial and education tenants. To edit, please use OneNote for the web or the OneNote desktop app.
  • Download size and sync frequency of file attachments has been changed.
  • You can find details on these and other OneNote related updates as
  • We are rescheduling specific backend operations to regional evening and weekend business hours. Impacted capabilities include migration, DLP and delays in file management after uploading a new file, video or image.
  • Reduced video resolution for playback videos.
  • The following blog is now available with some additional information about these temporary changes: Awareness of temporary adjustments in SharePoint Online
  • Frequency of Presence checking.
  • Interval we show when the other party is typing.
  • Reduced video resolution.
  • People timeline has been disabled for newly uploaded videos. Pre-existing videos will not be impacted.
  • Meeting recording video resolution adjusted to 720p