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Microsoft Adds End-To-End Encryption for Teams One-To-One Calls
Joel Rollins

Microsoft Adds End-To-End Encryption for Teams One-To-One Calls

Microsoft has announced that end-to-end encryption (ESEE) for Microsoft Teams calls is now available for public preview for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android.

When both parties in a one-to-one call turn on E2EE, the communication between the two parties in the call is encrypted from end-to-end. No other party, including Microsoft, has access to the decrypted conversation.

By default, end-to-end encryption isn’t available to users in your tenant. Once you’ve configured the policy, end-to-end encryption is still off by default for users when they make a Teams call. Users need to turn on end-to-end encryption in their Team settings. With this release, users will see the encryption indicator on the Teams call window in the upper left corner.

If IT admins haven’t enabled end-to-end encryption, Teams still secures a call or meeting using encryption based on industry standards. Data exchanged during calls is always secure while in transit and at rest.

There are some features that will not be available with E2EE:
  • Recording
  • Live caption and transcription
  • Call transfer
  • Call Park
  • Call Merge
  • Call Companion and transfer to another device
  • Add participant to make the one-to-one call a group call
With this release, only the real-time media flow, that is, video and voice data, for one-to-one Teams calls are end-to-end encrypted.