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Microsoft AI: Play My Emails

Microsoft AI: Play My Emails

Microsoft AI has made great progress in bringing real benefits of AI to consumers. One of those benefits is Play My Emails for Outlook.

Play My Emails in Outlook utilizes Cortana, your personal productivity assistant, to catch up on what’s new in your inbox so you can get time back in your day. With an intelligent read out of your emails, natural language interaction with Cortana and a user interface designed for people on the move, you can stay organized, on top of what matters and get back to living life outside your inbox.

You can choose how you’d like to listen to your new emails with masculine and feminine voices for Cortana. Play my emails delivers a seamless experience with Bluetooth-enabled wireless or wired audio devices such as headphones or your car audio. When you reply and provide a quick response to an email, the mic on your phone is used. It’s helpful to know that the controls on headphones with playback options such as Forward or Back can also be used to skip to new messages in your inbox. The microphone on our iPhone will only engage when you say “Hey Cortana” during the playback of your emails and when Cortana finishes reading out an email and listens for voice commands.

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