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Microsoft Form Updates in Teams Meetings

Microsoft Form Updates in Teams Meetings

Microsoft Teams now has an even stronger integration with Microsoft Forms.
Microsoft is introducing a number of new features and improvements to existing features within Teams meeting polls.
  • The “Forms” app in Teams will be replaced with a new app named “Polls”.
  • UI improvements to poll suggestions
    • Re-position the list of suggested polls from the bottom to the side pane
    • Provide an entry point in the polls portal page, where users can show/hide the side pane as needed
    • Provide the poll results view (previously, it only showed the voting view), which allows the poll creator to see how the poll will look to the meeting audience after it’s launched
  • You can now see a list of your recently created polls so that you can re-use your past polls created in new meetings and save time.
  • A new poll animation appears after people have entered a response, providing a dynamic confirmation that their votes have been successfully submitted.
  • Microsoft is adding a new poll question type, Rating, which allows you to provide feedback by rating on the scaled symbols.
  • Microsoft has improved the poll result view to be a more intuitive and easy-to-read experience, with enrichments such as color indication and dynamic results.

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