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Microsoft Forms Templates For Commercial Users
Joel Rollins

Microsoft Forms Templates For Commercial Users

If you are a new Forms user and find creating great forms from scratch a bit daunting, you will love this update!

Microsoft Forms will soon be able to provide high quality business templates for you to base your forms on.

You will soon be able to easily find and explore high quality templates on the Forms portal page. These include a variety of useful templates with specific goals in mind. Examples include:
  • Organize better events through surveys
  • Grow product success by running in-depth user research surveys
  • Improve employee satisfaction by understanding their well-being and general feedback
  • Digitalize aspects of the day-to-day business process
This screenshot shows what you will see when you first run Forms after the release of this update:

Template on the Forms portal page:

Templates preview when clicking an individual template category:

Rollout of this feature is scheduled to begin in late August with completion by the end of September 2022.

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