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Microsoft is retiring Security Policy Advisor
Joel Rollins

Microsoft is retiring Security Policy Advisor

Alert!  For all organizations that have used Microsoft’s Security Policy Advisor to manage policy settings for Microsoft 365 apps on devices, be aware that this tool will no longer be available after November 8th.   Microsoft Is advising that security administers begin migrating Security Manager Policies to their new Office cloud policy service.

The Office cloud policy service is part of Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 Apps admin center. Th Office cloud policy service will provide a more integrated experience when managing devices and the applications running on them.

Security administrators have three options available to them now that the Security Policy Advisor is being retired:
  • Manually create new profile configurations in the Office cloud policy service using new security groups
  • Use Microsoft Endpoint Manager to manage Office security policies with ADMX
  • Turn off Security Policy Advisor without migrating policies
For more information on how to migrate policies from Security Policy Advisor, please visit the documentation linked in this blog post.