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Microsoft rebrands and updates the Office app
Joel Rollins

Microsoft rebrands and updates the Office app

Microsoft is rebranding and updating its Office365 app to be relaunched as the Microsoft 365 app.

Microsoft will be updating its unified Office app starting in November. But the company is hoping to do more than just change the name of the app, which works across mobile devices, the Web, and Windows.  Officials are counting on the rebranded Microsoft 365 app to help Microsoft demonstrate how good Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office apps have become in recent years.

At the Ignite 2022 conference, Microsoft officials announced plans to rebrand the Office app as the Microsoft 365 app. Officials also said they are planning to add some new features to the app, including new capabilities in the Feed, which will showcase shared files from people with whom a user collaborates; a redesigned Apps module that will provide access to any Microsoft 365 app and related third-party apps; and Tagging, a way for users to organize their work regardless of where files are stored.
The Microsoft 365 app will be available in a phased rollout beginning in November starting with the Web version. It will be available on local devices, as a Progressive Web App and on the Web (the address will continue to work). As is currently the case with the Office app, Microsoft plans to offer a free version of the Microsoft 365 app, and a version with more premium features that is available to consumers and business users who have a Microsoft 365/Office 365 subscription.

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