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Microsoft Teams For Android Gets Text Predictions

Microsoft Teams For Android Gets Text Predictions

Microsoft is actively developing useful new features for Microsoft Teams to make it a better platform for virtual collaboration. According to Microsoft 365 roadmap page, the company is currently working on as many as 121 new features for Teams, all of them are expected to be rolled out to the users by the end of this year. While not all upcoming features will be useful for everyone, the addition of the text predictions feature in Teams is something pretty much everybody will appreciate.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap page, Microsoft is actively working on a text predictions feature for Teams mobile clients. Microsoft is using what the company calls "Assistive AI" technology to predict your answers. All of this sounds similar to the suggested replies feature in Outlook.
The new text predictions feature will provide you with possible answers and give you text suggestions as you type, helping you finish phrases in one tap. Microsoft recently added similar capabilities in Outlook for Android.
This feature will be rolling out to Android first with iOS to be delivered at a later date.

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