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Microsoft Teams Now Up To 60% Faster On Windows

Microsoft Teams Now Up To 60% Faster On Windows

In a new blog post, Microsoft provides data that its Teams app is now substantially faster compared to August 2021 thanks to improvements in the code.

Microsoft has optimized its Teams desktop app to boost performance during resource-intensive scenarios such as messaging, video calls, and meetings. These changes complement ongoing efforts to make the app more power-efficient during meetings.  The Teams desktop app has received several performance enhancements to improve the “overall interaction responsiveness time” since August 2021. Microsoft highlights that these updates are designed to ensure a smoother messaging, meeting, and calling experience for end-users.

“Our desktop, framework, and performance teams made several foundational improvements and our messaging and calling/meeting teams partnered to optimize the code for targeted user experiences we identified as important to the overall experience,” explained Mark Longton, Principal Group Program Manager for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has been quietly working on a “Teams 2.0” app, which will be built on Edge Webview 2 instead of the current Electron framework. A Microsoft representative said in response to a comment that “there is a heavy resource allocation” involved in developing the business version of Teams 2.0, though there’s currently no ETA. Microsoft also confirmed that it’s planning to bring several updates to the Teams desktop app, including larger architecture improvements and more.

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