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Microsoft Teams: Quality Of Life Updates

Microsoft Teams Quality Of Life Improvements
Microsoft is always working on adding new features to Microsoft Teams and improving the service.  Soon, we will see the arrival of three highly requested features; the ability to quote messages within chats, expanded emoji support and the ability to sign documents using third-party services.
  • Quoted Messages: When chatting in Teams, you will be able to reply a specific message. The original message will be quoted in the reply text box. Quoted replies will be available in 1:1, Group and Meeting chats.
  • Emoji Expansion: The expanded emoji update offers people more fun and expressiveness in Teams. It also introduces a wider range of diversity and representation. The emoji set has expanded from 85 to over 800 emojis, with a category selector, skin tone selector and short code picker.
  • Document sign: Microsoft is working closely with key partners such as Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and other 3rd party providers to allow you to create an electronic signature natively within the Approval app. Simply choose your electronic signature provider and add the details. Once submitted, signers are notified with an email and can easily review and sign. Approvals will keep track of the entire workflow right in context within Teams.
Microsoft Teams now supports live transcriptions within meetings
The live transcription feature for Teams works in real-time and also creates a transcript after meetings finish. It has speaker attribution as well, so you can easily tell which person said any comment.

In terms of privacy, live transcription is similar to recording a meeting. Participants are notified that live transcription is on and have the ability to hide it from their meeting view with just a click. If they choose not be identified, attendees can also turn off speaker attribution in their profile settings.

Live transcription in Teams uses a meeting's invitation, participant names, attachments, etc. to improve the accuracy and recognize meeting-specific jargon for each transcript automatically, without any human involvement. This means no one at Microsoft ever sees the meeting’s content, and the models are automatically deleted immediately after each meeting. In addition, Microsoft doesn’t use or store this data for improving its own AI.

After the meeting, the saved transcript is available for reference and download in Teams for desktop and web.

The transcript is also immediately available in the meeting event in Teams calendar, as well as through the transcript tile in the chat.

Teams live transcription files are stored in the meeting organizer's Exchange Online account and only the organizer and tenant admin have permissions to delete it.
Live transcription support is rolling out to Microsoft Teams this month.