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Microsoft Teams Updates: More Microsoft Ignite Features Rolling Out Soon

Microsoft Teams: Webinar Support
Back at Microsoft Ignite webinar functionality was announced to be coming soon.  Now according to Microsoft, support for large meeting and webinars in Teams is scheduled for release this month.
Once support for webinars has rolled out, users will be able to hold interactive meetings and webinars with up to 1,000 people.  These will support live reactions and moderation controls to disable chat, audio and video for attendees.
Large meeting and Webinar functionality will be available for users with the following licenses: Microsoft E3 / E5 / A3 / A5 Business Standard / Business Premium license.
After this update is rolled out to a tenant, the new feature is accessed in the same way as any other meeting, from the Calendar drop down menu in Teams

Additionally, user will be able to add registration options for meetings and webinars for people in or our outside of their organization.


Microsoft Teams: Create Tasks from Teams Chats
Another one of the many new Teams features announced at Microsoft Ignite this year is scheduled to roll out very soon and that is the ability to create a task from a chat or channel post.
Previously, Teams users had to copy and paste the information manually to create a Planner task. Thanks to this feature, Microsoft has now eliminated the need to switch apps or windows, allowing users to quickly assign tasks directly from any chat/channel conversation in Teams.

Below is an example of the available options when creating the Task

The process to create a task is relatively straightforward, as you need to navigate to the specific message, select “More Options,” and click on the “Create task” option. A Planner window will instantly appear on your screen. Just fill in the details, and finally, click the “Create task” button. Once created, these tasks will appear in the Tasks app in Teams, as well as in Microsoft Planner.
Please be aware that the Tasks app must be installed in Teams to use this feature.  Generally, this app is installed by default and is available from the Teams App Store if needed.