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New Feature: Get and Set Box Enterprise Metadata

New Feature: Get and Set Box Enterprise Metadata

Nintex Workflow for Box has was updated to provide better support for file metadata.  There is now support for getting and setting Enterprise Metadata for files in Box.

Two new actions have been added to the Box Connector that provides the ability to “Get file metadata” and “Set file metadata”.  Nintex created these new actions to allow creators to build workflows that can control the file’s Enterprise Metadata as the workflow progresses.

With Nintex Workflow for Box and Enterprise Metadata provided by Box, developers can create an Enterprise Template to capture the workflow and its progress.  Within the workflow designer, you can annotate the workflow design with the “set file metadata” action at various break points via the Enterprise Metadata panel within the Box user interface.

Additionally, within Box, someone can use the Metadata Template to search across his or her organization for the status of a specific file


With the use of search, users can now view files based on their workflow across the Enterprise no matter the folder structure.