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New Teams Admin App

New Teams Admin App

Microsoft has announced the release of a new Admin App for Microsoft Teams. The app provides a central hub that makes it easier for IT Pros to access settings and perform key management tasks across Microsoft 365 and Teams.

The new Admin app enables IT admins to optimize Microsoft Teams meetings, webinars, messages, and other content for all end-users in their organization. It also helps to manage teams or team members as well as find advanced settings, support, and training resources.

“You can add and remove users, manage licenses, update settings for teams, meetings, messages and more, directly from Microsoft Teams. We recommend that you get started exploring the app today to take advantage of the tailored recommendations and resources,” Microsoft explained in a message on the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Currently, the Microsoft Teams Admin Center does not support managing the new Admin app with the Manage Apps or the App Permission Policies features. However, Microsoft has promised to bring these management capabilities in a future release.

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